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A quality Sports Accreditation Management Solution.


At Canopi, we recognise learning can be a building block towards an accreditation. Timely recognition a person has attained or retained a learning milestone is the foundation stone of accreditation management. Many systems manage learning OR accreditation. Few systems manage both well.

To address the gap, we've built a highly featured Accreditation Management Solution, just for you.

Here are some of the features we support:

  • Automatic or manual award of Accreditation
  • Automatic or manual approval workflows for NSOs and SSOs
  • Enforce pre-requisite skills to attain or retain accreditation
  • Preset expiry conditions for a specific date or duration
  • Integration with your eCommerce, Membership and Competition systems.

Over the past 15 years, Canopi has developed a comprehensive insight into the way sports manage, maintain and report on accreditation. We understand accreditation is more than a box ticking exercise.

Accreditation is often a key driver of your sport’s participation, commercial and compliance health.


Our System can award an accreditation using several methods:


Automatic Accreditation Award


If you require a learning pathway to be completed ahead of awarding an accreditation, our solution allows an eligible learner to self enrol. The system can monitor and report on your learner’s pathway progress and automatically award them an accreditation on completion of all the learning pathway elements.


Manual Accreditation Award


Works just like an automatic Accreditation workflow, except with this method, an NSO or SSO administrator is able to manually enrol a person into an accreditation pathway and/or manually approve the award of their accreditation on completion of all the learning pathway elements.


Application Based Accreditation Award


A learner who has completed a course of study may apply for an accreditation if they believe they have met the requirements outside of a defined accreditation pathway. The system can review their learning transcript and any supporting evidence they upload to determine whether an accreditation can be awarded.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Accreditation Award


We understand sometimes people arrive with equivalent qualifications from other states or countries. We’ve got this covered too! Administrators are able to award an accreditation based on RPL. The system is even able to capture supporting evidence for the accreditation award.


Awarding Method

We understand that sports award Accreditations differently.


We know sometimes accreditations are awarded based on a course completion, while other times they require verification and approval by a State or National Sporting Organisation. 

Whatever your workflow requirements, we have you covered. The Canopi Accreditation Solution allows administrators to set workflows specifically for an Accreditation, so if needs be, each one can be processed differently. 


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The following workflows are currently supported:

  • Automatic award
  • Manual award by an SSO
  • Manual award by an NSO
  • Award after payment
  • Routing to an Approvals queue for verification or external workflows.


Do your Members need to maintain certain skills to stay accredited?


For some sporting accreditations, we know members are required to keep certain certifications current. A frequent scenario we encounter is a requirement for those with a Kids Coaching Accreditation, to maintain a current ‘First Aid Certificate’ and 'Working with Children Check'.

Our solution is able to automatically identify those Coaches who don't have a current 'Working with Children Check' loaded into the Accreditation system and 'Lapse' their accreditation until they update their accreditation with supporting evidence.

If this is part of your sport's Risk Management Planning, then the system can automatically alert accreditation holders when a requirement for their accreditation is pending expiry so they can remedy it proactively before their accreditation lapses.

This service does not change a person’s accreditation expiry date. It merely changes the status of their accreditation from 'active' to 'lapsed' until compliance is achieved.

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Do some of your Accreditations expire?


One of the best ways to make sure Coaches and Officials stay up to date is to expire their Accreditations and enforce a periodic re-accreditation process. This is a great opportunity for sporting organisations to re-engage with their participation base to introduce game updates, OH&S messages as well as learning and professional development offerings.

Canopi’s Accreditation Management Solution provides a one stop shop for all of the above. In the same portal, an administrator is able to:

  • Set an expiry date for an accreditation
  • Roll forward an expiry date to the end of a season
  • Send email notifications alerting accreditation holders of their pending renewal requirements
  • Assign reaccreditation learning pathways in bulk or individually.

We think these kinds of features are game changing for sporting organisations. Not only do they enable you to build sports capability across your participation base… but they create capacity within your organisation by streamlining non-value add administration tasks.

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No system is an Island.


We understand your sport is likely to have a lot of different systems in place all requiring subsets of each other’s data.


We have a toolkit full of methods and a decade’s worth of experience integrating our Accreditation and Learning Solution with other systems. Especially tricky Membership and Competition Management systems!

We currently offer the following connection methods:


  • Active Directory (AD)
  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Office 365


  • Inbound - Create User
  • Inbound - Create Enrolment
  • Outbound - Any report can be an API

We know systems integration can be a complex and daunting undertaking for many sports. We like to think our experience and creds put you at ease and assure you you’re in safe hands.


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